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celebrating 10 years
releases 2 new publications
Rönnells Antikvariat,Stockholm
21 december 2017

a presentation of all editions
during the 10 years

a presentation of my text
at "the invisible gallery"

hs geneve.jpg

seance concert
Cave 12, Geneve
25 november 2017

photo Moju Vids

21:40 Dorit Chrysler (Austria)
22:10 Yan Jun (China)
22:40 Marja-leena Sillanpää (Sweden/ Finland)
--- pause
23:30 Leif Elggren (Sweden)
00:00 Thierry Charollais (Switzerland)
00:30 Tobias Kirstein (Denmark)

nutidamusik svart.jpg

for Nutida Musik (swedish music magazine)
no 267-268 / 2017


hjärnstom 2017.jpg

three pages in Hjärnstorm (swedish magazine)
no 129 / 2017


martin bryder 2017.jpg

group exhibition at Martin Bryder Gallery
Lund Sweden
21 october - 19 november


 hs underskuggan.jpg

under the shadow
solo exhibition at Konstkuben
Vallentuna Sweden
14 october - 26 november



9 black flags
exhibition Secondhand Daylight
at Skjul Fyra Sex, Göteborg Sweden
9 september-22 september
with 46 artists


 haneberg säteri.jpg

touched by the landlords sister
exhibition at Näshulta Culturedays
Hanebergs säteri, Sweden
26 june

participants: Peter Ekström, Karin Johansson,
Ulf Lernhammar, Lennart Mossberg, Norman Sandén,
Marja-leena Sillanpää, Kelvin Sommer.


hs 666 save the date.png

the seventh day with her
and 9 black flags
exhibition Secondhand Daylight
at Kummelholmen, Stockholm
6 june
with 50 artists


hs rönnells 2017 läsning.jpg

readings from "I am clairvoyant"
(my book w 777 pages)
at Rönnells
29 april

many thanks to my readers:
Peter Cornell
Leif Elggren
Mikael Goralski
CM von Hausswolff
Jan Håfström
Ulla Wiggen


hs side by side.jpg

river bed
together with Ann Frössén
exhibition Side by Side
at Id:i Gallery Stockholm
7 - 30 april

swedish title: flodbädd

hs runö.jpg

something moves through time and comes back
at Runö Café
curater Elisabet Schildt
4 april - 12 may

swedish title : något rör sig genom tiden och kommer tillbaka



hs lotta melin.jpg


a reading (2 of my texts)
at the exhibition of Lotta Melin

Tredje Långgatan 13 D, Göteborg
1-2 april
Weld, Stockholm
17-21 june



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hs ö rhänget.jpg

v.p.i. talar tyst
(vestrogotiska pataphysical institute talking quietly)
at Galleri Örhänget (earring)
25 march - 8 april

V.P.I. TALAR shows all member publications (for the first and last time)
the audience are offered the opportunity to purchase single numbers.

Christian Bodros, Teddy Hultberg, Hans Nordenström, Timo Pekkanen,
Mats B., L8 Hannerz, Dan Wolgers, Joakim Pirinen, Sören Thurell,
Johan Birgander, Marja-leena Sillanpää, Pekka Särkiniemi (Rönnells),
Magnus Hedlund and Claes Hylinger.

curaters Peter Bodén, Jonas Ellerström, Johan Melbi
open saturdays 13-16 inclusive 8 April
Gallery earring, Höga stigen 3, Stockholm


vårt sista hopp.jpg

our last hope
at the Invisible Gallery
curating by Stefan Karlsson
6 march - 6 june 2017

started with the alarm "important message to the public"
(tested 3 pm four times a year, the first Monday in the last month
of each quarter; march june september december)
* the text is only in Swedish


hs philipvonzweck.jpg

negative hallucinations
at Pilot Projects
curating by Philip von Zweck
18 february - 17 march 2017

Philip von Zweck explore collaborative arrangements and multiple
authorships. Through the use of copying and freely distributed
multiples, von Zweck's maneuvers maintain traces of collaboration
throughout, emphasizing what is lost, gained or newly discovered
in the transition from original to facsimile.
"A Project By Philip von Zweck" involving a copy machine and
a group of artists who each submit a work to be printed and
distributed for free during the exhibition:

Marja-Leena Sillanpää, Brian Taylor, Chris Kerr, Steve Ruiz,
Maddie Hewitt, Jack Sloss, Oli Watt, Zach Cahill, Holly Cahill,
Anna Kunz, Bengala, Jesse Harrod, Rachel Foster, kelly kaczynski,
Heather Mekkelson and Anthony Elms.


hs so holy fram.jpg

so holy hidden
memories & observations
(only in english)
at satumaa*kustantamo

printed december 2016
released january 2017

hs dit ljuset inte når bild till poster.jpg

where light does not reach
at gallery west
as the scholarship holder of Ragnar von Holten grant
Academy of art (Konstakademien) Stockholm
17 december 2016 - 5 february 2017

hs norrtälje performancekväll.jpg

marja-leena sillanpää with guests
(performance evening)
at Spetsen, Norrtälje konsthall
2 december 2016

Anastasia Ax
Henrik Ekesiöö
Leif Elggren
Joakim Forsgren
Mikael Goralski
Susanne Vollmer (Bar Sans Souci)

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9 pages with text + 1 page with image
OEI # 73-74 2016: Grön våglängd
(green wavelength)

about leaving for heaven
(reading and screening)
at the Release of OEI # 73-74
Marabouparken Sunbyberg
26 november 2016

hs brighton.jpg

the gravedigger locating the dead
(International Experimental Sound Festival)
Wallis Benney Theatre, Brighton
19 november 

at Tilde 2
Fylkingen Stockholm
4 nov 2016

hs lakanshög norrtälje konsthall.jpg'

collected observations and memories
Norrtälje konsthall
22 october - 4 december


insomnia bonniers.jpg

which is altogether no one #2
sound by Leif Elggren and voice by M-l Sillanpää
at the opening of Insomnia
Bonniers konsthall Stockholm
24 september 2016


louise adelborg.jpg

the gravedigger locating the dead
concert in collaborration with Louise Adelborg
at the opening of Art in Case
Malmi Airport Helsinki
10 september 2016


hs upstairs basement.jpg

hs mossutst.jpg

the gravedigger locating the dead
concert at the opening of Upstairs Basement II
Mossutställningar Stockholm
20 may 2016

Mikael Goralski, Joakim Forsgren, Merzedes Šturm-Lie.

HS KREV 25 år.jpg

the gravedigger locating the dead
opening concert
KREV 25 years and dada 100 years!
at Cabaret Voltaire (seit 1916)
Zürich Switzerland
13 may 2016

KREV national anthem powwow live:
Dorit Chrysler, Carsten Nicolai, Michael Esposito,
Ken Montgomery, Luna Montgomery,
Scott Konzelmann, Dave Phillips,
Tara Bhattacharya, Edvard Graham Lewis,
Thierry Charollais, Klara Lewis, Achim Mohne,
John Duncan, Francisco Meirino, Rick Reed,
Marja-leena Sillanpää, Fabio Roberti, Lary Seven.

Adrian Notz, Leif Elggren, CM von Hausswolff


hs galleri box lakanshörn.jpg

as white as we can see
solo exhibition at Galleri Box
Göteborg Sweden
8 april - 8 may 2016

performance 8 may pm 14-16 with 9 readers
original title: så vitt vi kunde se



hs benhuset folder.jpg

which is altogether no one
exhibition with Leif Elggren
Benhuset - Katarina kyrka, Stockholm
open saturdays
20 february - 12 march 2016

original title: vilka är alldeles ingen


hs dit ljuset inte når - flyer.jpg

where light does not reach
solo exhibition with 5 museum´s
Örebro Konsthall, Örebro
10 oktober - 15 november 2015

original title: dit ljuset inte når


hs sömnens ö.jpg

the island of the sleep
at Konst i ån, Norrtälje
curated by Norrtälje konsthall
1 july - 16 august 2015


HS mesmer med antenn.jpg

the contact
at Mesmer #3,
Cantina Real Stockholm
27 may 2015

MV Carbon - consert
Marja-leena Sillanpää - consert
Carl Abrahamsson
 - film

 curated by Jean-Louis Huhta

HS fylkingen flyer.jpg
HS fylkingen 2015.jpg
the contact with the other ones
at Konstapoteket & Konspirationen, 
Fylkingen Stockholm
14 may 2015

Third Eagle
Marla-leena Sillanpää
No Balls

curated by Per Åhlund


archived covercapes & underground archives
at Hemsökt - Bryggeriet
Nora Art Sweden
13 may - 21 june 2015

curated by Kerstin Wagner


Thumbnail image for HS kronan flyer.jpg

as far as we can see

solo exhibition at Galleri Kronan
Norrköping Sweden
18 april - 3 may 2015

HS skogen 2015.jpg

these and the rest and all the rest we knew
with Leif Elggren and M-l Sillanpää
at Three White Soldiers, skogen
Göteborg Sweden
14 march 2015

Performance by
Anders Paulin
Johan Forsman
Chiara Giovando
Leif Elggren
Marja-leena Sillanpää

varning för känsliga människor flyer.jpg

when the light turned away
at Varning för känsliga människor
Ystad Konstmuseum
Ystad Sweden
7 february - 3 may 2015

curated by Ola Åstrand
original title: När solen bortvände sitt sken

hs universums alla ljud fylk sten.jpg

looking back to the future
concert / homage to Sten Hanson at Fylkingen
Stockholm Sweden
21 october 2014


hs Generosity.jpg

vision & sound
performance at Generosity, Staten Island USA
20 september 2014

curated by Ken Montgomery

dance: Leif Elggren
electronics: M-l Sillanpää


hs scream knock NY.jpg

scream to scream
performance, video-documented in NY


Madrid, Spain.
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Helsinki, Finland.
Espoo, Finland,
Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland.
Athens, Greece.
Cluj-Napoca, Romania.
Rovaniemi, Finland.
Varadzin, Croatia.
Pula, Croatia.
Kobenhavn, Denmark.
Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.
Umeå, Sweden.
Mallorca, Spain.
Malmö, Sweden.
Milan, Italy.
Turku, Finland.
Barcelona, Spain.
Tampere, Finland.
Edinburgh, Scotland

New York, USA.
Leipzig, Germany.


HS ElectricEclectics.jpg
hs kanada med vy.jpg

looking back to the future
concert at Electric Eclectics,
Meaford Ontario Canada
1-3 august 2014

curated by Gordon Monahan

Program Jean François Laporte (Montreal) Laura Ortman (NYC)
Erin Sexton (Montreal) Marja-Leena Sillanpää (Stockholm)
Robert Piotrowicz (Warsaw, PL) Leif Elggren (Stockholm)
Lary 7 (NYC) and more...

HS tetsuo publikation.jpg

the world as will has been over
CD box by Tetsuo Furudate
at menstrualrecordings.org

CD 1
Zbigniew Karkowski & Tetsuo Furudate

CD 2
Tetsuo Furudate
guitar : Saichi
reading : Leif Elggren
electric sound : Marja-leena Sillanpää


HS dårpippi tryck.jpg

prints for FfGK (föreningen för grafisk konst)
Stockholm Sweden.

Image : Marja-leena Sillanpää
Printer : Johan Brauner
Edition : 250

HS boiler room.jpg
HS ausculation aten.jpg

performance w Ax-Elggren-Sillanpää-Siltberg
at Boiler Room,
Athens Greece
18 May 2014


HS kortet aniara.jpg

close to a pitch black sun
exhibition w Petra Axelsson
at Verkstad, Norrköping
25 April - 18 May 2014

HS HUUTO 1.jpg

scream to scream
performance by AX/SILLANPÄÄ
Galleria Huuto, Helsinki
6 April 2014

reconstruction from NY 2013
check video dokumentation HERE